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First Recumbent Electrification: Contributions (thanks!)

Many thanks to the people who are making this project possible: Warren Winowich, who explained the forces acting upon a vehicle to me Ben Krasnow, who built a lot of the original bike, debugged the circuit for the current bike in his shop, and contributes invaluable advice Jim Fletcher, who took the time to show read more »

First Recumbent Electrification: Cost and Conclusions

The bike getting some testing before the installation of the chain Before coming to any conclusions, let’s review the cost of this project and its variations. Cost (in money & time): Achieving a balance of expenses in currency and time is important, but it depends on your situation. Originally, I had more time than money. read more »

First Recumbent Electrification: Putting it Together

Putting the electric bits on required the following steps: Mount 80 tooth sprocket on 20″ rear wheel (which is actually on the front of the bike). Get a freewheel adapter and this is a 10 minute job. Look on Youtube for how to remove the sprockets on the wheel. Without a freewheel adapter you are read more »

First Recumbent Electrification: The Controller

So you’re looking at a stock Crystallyte controller. It’s $150. You’ve heard they blow their FETs easily. So, you think, “I can build one better.” Maybe not, but I thought so. I thought I might be able to pull it off cheaper. If not, at least it would be worth the experience. Well six months read more »

First Recumbent Electrification: Batteries

You can really go off the deep end trying to investigate batteries. There are many choices, but they are often limited in many ways, so that making the ‘right’ decision is confusing. There are several popular routes for electric bikes. Note: adding batteries in ‘series’, meaning, connect the + of one battery to the – read more »

First Recumbent Electrification: Chains and Sprockets

There are a number of different chain sizes. The most popular for scooter and electric bikes are no. 25 and no.35. Small sprockets come with a D-shaft or a shaft with set screws. For set screws, drill a small hole in the motor shaft for permanent mounting, then secure with green or blue loctite. For read more »

First Recumbent Electrification: Motors

Choosing a Motor Motor Types There are a number of motor technologies available. Different authorities classify them differently, but I will break them up based on their input: Motors where speed is regulated by voltage or current – DC series, DC shunt wound, DC compound wound, etc Motors where speed is regulated by the frequency read more »

First Recumbent Electrification: Planning

Now that we understand the pieces we can buy to assemble the whole system, lets evaluate some possible routes. We have two types of motors to choose from: motor integrated into a wheel hub stand alone motor, connected to a wheel by a chain Hub motors are more expensive and heavy and give us less read more »

First Recumbent Electrification: Theory

Lets design an electric bicycle. Our bicycle will have a number of components: the bike an electric motor, linked to the wheels somehow battery pack to provide power motor controller to regulate how much power goes to the motor Charger Where do we start? We will start by calculating how much energy is needed to read more »

First Recumbent Electrification: Overview

Designing a vehicle is like any other problem. We need to break it down into a few steps: understand the problem, and determine some key requirements to solve it learn about the tools at our disposal figure out how to put it all together So I have broken what used to be one page into read more »