Monthly Archives: March 2008


Unfortunately the bike took a lot of abuse in the past week. I took it to the San Jose EAA meeting on March 8th where it received a good deal of attention. I left the bike at work because this week I moved into a house in San Mateo and began setting up the garage. read more »

More Test Rides

I build a head mounting for my Canon HV20 using a bike helmet, two large washers, a 1/4″ bolt, and two 1/4″ nuts. I used a small bicycle lock to make sure that if the camera fell off anyway, it would not fall far. I then rode both bicycles around to record the experience. This read more »

Lithium Batteries and Generator Testing

I dropped by Halted and GreenEmotor. Allen Chen had a lithium battery pack ready for me, so I went home and tried to charge it. Unfortunately the charger blew up the moment I attached it to the battery pack. Not quite sure what happened there, so instead I took the pack of 8x 3.2v 12ah read more »