Monthly Archives: December 2008

Charging, Cargo, and Guages

It’s tough to compare bikes qualitatively so I mounted some guages on the bike to grab some actual hard data. I took a piece of plastic and dremeled two holes in it so I could attach it to the front boom with a hose clamp. I then held a voltmeter agains the plastic and drilled read more »

Success… so far

I got the hall sensor wires worked out– the +5v wire was rubbing against a sharp part and actually got cut. I fixed it and the bike worked. I took it to work and to the San Jose EAA meeting and everyone took turns riding it and then going 2-up. Initial results are very promising: read more »

Seating and Handlebars

I removed the now useless 2nd bottom bracket and drilled holes in front of the rear wheel in the triangle for an aluminum tube. The aluminum tube is super lightweight and should work just fine as a foot peg. Best upgrade so far: I fixed up the driver’s seat. I used two L shaped pieces read more »