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Heater and A/C Controls Not Working on a ’99 Honda Accord

Symptoms Only the blower motor speed knob works. None of the vent or A/C buttons or their lights work. Quick solution On the underside of the board, just jumper the input (leftmost) leg of the 78dl05 voltage regulator in the middle of the board to the positive leg of capacitor C1. That’s it. Long story read more »

PhoneGap 1.3 & PhoneGap: Beginner’s Guide

Late in 2011 I was contacted by Packt Publishing regarding one of their new publications on the PhoneGap framework. ¬†Apparently my rather negative review of the PhoneGap framework came to their attention and they wanted me to take another shot at developing with it after reading their book. ¬†I still believe PhoneGap is a great read more »